Sunday, Jan 28, 2018
"Sundays @ Murry's"
Billy Childs Quartet

Billy Childs: piano
Bob Sheppard: saxophones
Hans Glawischnig: bass
Ari Hoenig: drums

"a delicate journey through a thoughtfully assembled landscape inspired by the Cummings poem... Childs [is painted] as an ambitious composer who is adept at combining jazz and classical influences as well as acoustic and electric keyboards." - LA Times

Show 1 | Start: 3:30 PM.
Doors 1 Hr. Earlier.
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Show 2 | Start: 7:00 PM.
Doors 1 Hr. Earlier.
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2017 Jazz Series-CoMoGives "50 From 50" Anchor Donors

Friday Dec. 1 Peter Poses & Shyrel Hosseini
Saturday Dec. 2 Dick Purcell & Darlene Johnson
Sunday Dec. 3 Murry’s
Monday Dec. 4 Steven & Lynelle Westgate
Tuesday Dec. 5 Dr. Mike & Emy Friedman
Wednesday Dec. 6 Dr. Greg Jagdfeld/Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital
Thursday Dec. 7 Margie Sable-Smith & George Smith/Dr. Tom & Sheri Elliott
Friday Dec. 8 Don & Sharon Ginsburg
Saturday Dec. 9 Larry Ganong & Marilyn Coleman
Sunday Dec. 10 Jerry & Kay Benedict
Monday Dec. 11 Barb & Jeff Glenn/Missouri Cotton Exchange
Tuesday Dec. 12 David & Janna Lancaster
Wednesday Dec. 13 Pat & Lisa Ryan
Thursday Dec. 14 Drs. Steven Zweig & Susan Even
Friday Dec. 15 Dan Watkins
Saturday Dec. 16 Dan Purcell & Heather Hanly
Sunday Dec. 17 Judy Freeman
Monday, Dec. 18 Sherry Smith
Tuesday Dec. 19 Hank Waters III & Vicki Russell
Wednesday Dec. 20 Drs. Barbara Tellerman & Allyn Sher
Thursday Dec. 21 Drs. David & Ann Mehr
Friday Dec. 22 Merilee "Cricket" Dunn/Karen Touzeau
Saturday Dec. 23 The Welch Sisters
Sunday Dec. 24 Dr. Wes & Pam Stricker
Monday Dec. 25 Anonymous
Tuesday Dec. 26 Dr. Thor & Julia Norregaard
Wednesday Dec. 27 Steven & Deb Harrington
Thursday Dec. 28 Dr. Gregory & Carin Croll
Friday Dec. 29 Murry’s
Saturday Dec. 30 Peter Poses & Shyrel Hosseini
Sunday Dec. 31 Dianne Orton & Gordon Howard


WELCOME to the 2017 Jazz Series -“50 From 50” CoMoGives Campaign, which runs from December 1, 12:00 a.m. to December 31, 11:59 p.m.
With yours and others' assistance – along with our Daily Anchor Donors listed below – the Jazz Series looks to hit the $50,000 mark in tax-deductible contributions AND receive at least one contribution of $10 or greater from ALL 50 states. Each time we receive the initial donation from a given state, it begins to turn green...


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