Benny Green Solo

Photo Credit Don Dixon

It’s almost as we have chronicled – unintentionally, or perhaps serendipitously – BENNY GREEN’S career. His several Columbia appearances date to the 1980s. His Jazz Series appearances began not long after we did. Now 60, it’s as if, given his immense talent and total command of the piano, that we owe it to the mid-Missouri jazz community to periodically “check in” with Green and see what he is up to in what’s evolved from a wonderfully exuberant chops galore keyboardist into a now four-decade career as a consummate, eloquent, technically impeccable, immensely capable artist. What gave us the idea of presenting Green in what we’re calling “A Solo Piano Excursion,” is derived from his latest release, Solo, whereby the Bay Area native, whose credits at this point as sideman and as a leader impress equally and are too numerous to begin listing here The issuance of Solo underscores Green’s owning great respect for those who preceded him. Hosting Green in solo mode strikes us as the perfect way to conclude Season #29.

Sunday, Apr. 28, 2024

"Sundays @ Murry's"


Show 1 | Doors: 2:30 | Start: 3:30

Show 2 | Doors: 6 | Start: 7

Benny Green Solo Piano

Benny Green: Piano

“A conservationist of the bebop idiom, and a joyful guardian of its lexicon.” 


“He plays funky and hard, and breathes not only be-bop but Oscar Peterson’s virtuosic effusions as well."  

- New York Times

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