Tierney Sutton/Tamir Hendelman Duo

Think fresh, different, engaging, entertaining and fun. These are only some of the reasons we wanted to present TIERNEY SUTTON & TAMIR HENDELMAN as part of Season #29. Ms. Sutton, now a nine-time GRAMMY®-nominated vocalist, has not been back to see us in more than a decade; Mr. Hendelman, not since 2017. Each appeared separately; both are consummate musicians, bandleaders, composers and certainly accomplished. Sutton’s original lyricism and approach to her own songs as well as her interpretations of the Great American Songbook remain endearing qualities. Meanwhile, consider Hendelman’s credentials; they can’t help but impress. He was Barbra Streisand’s musical director for years; he continues his long-standing association with the Jeff Hamilton Trio and the Clayton-Hamilton Orchestra. He can flat-out play. To say Sutton & Tamir are “on the same page” is cliché, for sure, however, it just happens to be true.

Sunday, Jan. 14, 2024

"Sundays @ Murry's"


Show 1 | Doors: 2:30 | Start: 3:30

Show 2 | Doors: 6 | Start: 7

Tierney Sutton & Tamir Hendelman

Tierney Sutton: Vocals
Tamir Hendelman: Piano

“Ms. Sutton is a pure jazz spirit who respects a song. Even when going out on an improvisatory limb, she never lets its essence slip away.” 

- New York Times

"I must [take] a moment to single out some wonderful and creative solo segments by a young pianist named of Tamir Hendelman. It was a satisfying but strange feeling to...hear a new young voice make some exhilarating and thoughtful solos in the spaces that I used to occupy in those pieces. ...I look forward to hearing more from him." 

- Oscar Peterson

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