Joel Ross "Good Vibes" Quartet

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VIBRAPHONIST JOEL ROSS continues refining an expression that’s true to his sound and his generation. In 2019, just in his mid-20s, the Chicago native-turned Brooklyn, New Yorker, issued his Blue Note Records label debut, KingMaker, to great critical acclaim; a year later the label released Who Are You?, which features a variation of his “Good Vibes” ensemble that performs today – yet another artist making his first Jazz Series appearance, having appeared previously as part of the 2019 Columbia Experimental Music Festival where he shared the stage with Makaya McCraven, one of his frequent collaborators. A steadfast improviser, Ross saturates live sets with a lyrical intuition that’s equally grounded in melody and phrasing. He plays the moment. Rather than impose energies on the music, he allows moods to set, linger and transform. His style and approach embraces contributions from improvisers of all genres.


Ross serves as the Jazz Series “Artist In Residence” from April 17-19, 2023.

Tuesday, Apr. 18, 2023

"Jazz in the District"

Rogers Whitmore Recital Hall

Doors: 6 | Start: 7

Joel Ross Quartet

Joel Ross: Vibraphone
Lex Korten: Piano
Kanoa Mendenhall: Bass
Jeremy Dutton: Drums

“Ross’ playing erupts through the layers of lush arrangements like consistent currents of electricity, high-powered and full of luminous energy.” 

- DownBeat

“Particularly on his own compositions, Mr. Ross and the band treat rhythm as both fundamental and unfixed, while dousing the music in harmonies derived from modern gospel.”

- New York Times

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