Peter Bernstein-Larry Goldings-Bill Stewart

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“Opening Day” is always exciting – and for the 2017/2018 season we’ve come up with a power-house organ trio featuring a cooperative unit that houses three power-house musicians. They’s all been here separately previously, working with other artists, but it’s the first time for guitarist Peter Bernstein, organist Larry Goldings and drummer Bill Stewart have arrived together, bringing their unique approach to the modern organ trio in tow.
  With credentials that boggle the mind – individually leading their own ensembles as well as collectively performing with everyone from Lou Donaldson to Matt Wilson to James Taylor to essentially a who’s who in music for the past three decades-plus, this trio operates with an enormous sense of comraderie and decidedly in sync with each other.

Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017

"MU Arts and Science Jazz Experience"

Stotler Lounge

Doors: 6:00 PM | Start: 7:00 PM

Peter Bernstein-Larry Goldings-Bill Stewart

Larry Goldings: organ
Peter Bernstein: guitar
Bill Stewart: drums

"[Bill Stewart is] an implacably focused performer who mixes stretches of steady groove-marking with jostling snare-fills and gunshot off-beats that can make you spill your drink."

- The Guardian

"[Goldings] literally pulled out all the stops, showing all the colours of the instrument, in mystical right hand chords and swooping left hand solos."

- London Jazz News

"[Peter Bernstein's] tone was crisp yet rounded, with a slight citrus tang."

- The New York Times

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