Dr. Carlos Perez-Mesa Memorial Concert

Alfredo Rodríguez & Pedrito Martinez Duo

Alfredo Rodríguez & Pedrito Martinez Duo

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When two of our staff watched these two musicians go at it on different occasions – more than a year apart and in St. Louis and New York – both reported that as a duo they put on a fantastic show, both stunned that just two people could create such a full and captivating sound. Having them “host” this season’s Dr. Carlos Perez-Mesa Memorial Concert was an easy decision.
  Both GRAMMY®-nominated artists – pianist Alfredo Rodriguez and conguero-percussionist-vocalist Pedrito Martinez have, on separate and previous occasions, graced Jazz Series stages. Rodriguez a generation younger than his counterpart, led a trio; Martinez, the seasoned veteran, appeared as a member of Conrad Herwig’s Latin Side All-Stars, on a couple of occasions. 
  The two explosive – but stylistically different – performers first met in 2012. Rodriguez is schooled in the rigorous classical conservatories of Havana, his repertoire consists of as much Bach and Stravinsky as it does Afro-Cuban and jazz roots. Martinez’s musical training, much less formal, is the result of his absorbing the sounds he heard and listened to in Old Havana combined with his working with a cross-section of diverse artists such as Yerba Buena, Sting, Paul Simon, Wynton Marsalis and Herwig.

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Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019

"Jazz in the District"

LRW Hall - Kimball Ballroom

Doors: 6:30 | Start: 7

Alfredo Rodríguez & Pedrito Martinez Duo

Alfredo Rodríguez: Piano
Pedrito Martinez: Percussion & Vocals

“He is very special and I do not say that easily because been I have been surrounded by the best musicians in the world my entire life and he is one of the best.” 

- Quincy Jones

“Pedrito is a genius…working with him has been a revelation to me.”

- Wynton Marsalis

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