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Jazz Series Concert Review/Website Supporters

The "We Always Swing" Jazz Series launched its in-house informative publication, Jazz Series Concert Review, in fall 2006. Since then we have received a great deal of positive feedback from a number of participating businesses and services - whose generosity supports the effort - as well as from the public who say, as attendees, they enjoy the idea of both receiving the information about performers in the in-depth concert programs as well as knowing which businesses and services support the publication.

We’re still working on getting the entire program up on line for viewing - and hope that happens soon. In the meantime, we are pleased to list those businesses and services that support Jazz Series Concert Review and link those that have web sites with our website.

In the print edition of Jazz Series Concert Review each display advertiser is listed alphabetically in the inside back cover of each book for an easy ready reference. We are pleased to offer a link to those who participate - what we call the Jazz Series Concert Review/Small Business Sponsors via our "Contributors Roster" page where, similarly, we list all individual contributors.

We would like to encourage other businesses and services to consider becoming a Jazz Series Concert Review Sponsor. We have specifically set the rates at levels that we hope all find fair and fitting for a publication of this quality - a program that allows its advertisers to alter their ads on an issue-by-issue basis at no extra cost.

If you own or work for a business and/or a service and are interested in becoming a Jazz Series Concert Series participant please feel free to call our offices or visit our web site to learn more on how to collaborate with us. This is a great way to support the Jazz Series - whether you are considering per-issue display notice or season-long exposure. Again, for additional details and complete rate and deadline schedules about the Concert Review, e-mail us (info@wealwaysswing.org), call our office (573-449-3009 ext. 3), visit wealwaysswing.org or drop by our downtown Columbia (MO) offices at 21 North Tenth Street. - Thank You.

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